Author Interview

Samantha Wood wants to create worlds, for other people to escape in, and doesn’t that sound amazing. 🙂 I can’t wait to see the world that she creates. 🙂

I asked this wonderful gal 10 questions, and I loved every answer she gave;

1.   What’s the title of your most recent book?

My current working title is Heir of Ash and Ruin – but this is bound to change!  

2.   How did you come up with the title of your book?

 It came organically as  line in one of the last chapters of my novel. 

3.   Tell me about the main character(s).

I have several! The main is Lyla – she’s ambitious yet naive as she’s grown up very protected and coddled. She’s got a strange power which is explored in the novel. Then we have Aker Nur – he’s been forced to leave his home country due after the death of his mother and sister. He’s hell bent on regaining power and getting revenge.   Lastly we have Kyra – she wants to find a better way of life for her people who are being hunted down and killed in a long ongoing territorial war. The three are thrust together on a journey which will change all of their lives.   4.   Which genre is your book, and why did you pick that?
YA/NA Fantasy. it was the genre which I used to read when I wanted to escape a little, so I wanted to create a world in which others could do the same.  

5.   How does your book relate to your spiritual practice or other life paths?

My characters make a lot of mistakes – and that’s okay. They need to fail in order to grow. They make bad choices, get swept up in the thick of things when they shouldn’t and trust the wrong people. I believe there is no real good and bad, only lots of grey. Life is about doing the best with what you have!  

6.   What inspired you to start your story/stories?

I wanted to share the joy and love I have for escaping to little worlds! 

7.   If you had to compare your book/books to a movie or a series, which would it be?

Imagine a Six of Crows and Throne of Glass crossover…. though I could never compare to the delightful Leigh Bardugo and wonderful Sarah J Maas.  

8.   What’s your favourite thing to do besides writing?

Growing my plants! My apartment is a virtual greenhouse.  

9.   What do you do in case of Writer’s Block?

Force myself to write until I begin to flow. Go for a run or a walk, listen to loud music until I puzzle out what’s blocking me. Every block I’ve ever had is because there’s been a problem with a character or a part of my story that didn’t make sense that I needed to work through brick by brick!  

10.  What advice would you give to your younger self?

Just keep grinding. Good things come from putting your head down and working hard, even if you don’t know what you’re doing or where you’re going. Also? When it’s hard, there’s always light at the other end of the tunnel. You can do it – even if it’s just one tiny bit at a time.  

About Samantha Wood;

I am a 27-year-old writer living in Sydney, Australia. I come from a Maltese-Australian background, the former of which has highly influenced details of this book. As a teenager, I burrowed through the local library’s YA and fantasy section. I dreamed of being an author and instead, I wound up running a Jamaican rum bar.  After a few brilliant years of slinging drinks and kicking out drunks, I decided to follow my literary passion.

She truly sounds like a passionated writer. 🙂

Thank You for joining me today SJ.

Happy Writing & Lots of Love!

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