Author Interview

Today Books Of All Shades made an exclusive Author Interview with the talented Author of The Haunting of Hattie Hastings; Audrey Davis.

So, we asked her 6 wonderful questions;

1: What inspired you to write your novel?

To be honest, the book literally came from nowhere. The name Hattie Hastings popped into my head, and from there the idea of a rough diamond husband haunting his wife grew. I genuinely had no real plan for how the story would develop. It took on a life of its own (which is a little bit scary!)

2: What is your favourite kind of character to write about?

I like ‘ordinary’ people. Yes, there’s nothing ordinary about a ghost, but for me it’s about creating characters who are believable. That the reader can imagine meeting and perhaps becoming friends with. And I enjoy writing about a wide age range, from young people to those in later life who still have passion, ambition and determination to make the most of every day.

3: Do you have any other books in the pipeline?

Yes, I’m more than half-way through a new book. It’s – I hope – a bit ‘out there’ again, with plenty of humour but also laced with some of the harsh realities of life. Getting the balance between making readers laugh and perhaps shed a tear or two is a tough one. I think I succeeded with Hattie!

4: Tell your readers an interesting fact about yourself.

I was born in Scotland and worked as a journalist for many years. Between then and now I’ve moved house at least twenty times and lived in Scotland, Singapore, Australia, England and – since 2002 – Switzerland. Oh, and I once did a writing stint in the Falklands where I was dangled out the back of a Chinook helicopter!

5: What’s your favourite thing to do besides writing?

I love reading (essential for an author) and I’m a bit of a foodie. Cooking gives me enormous pleasure, and I’m glad to say our two grown-up sons have inherited my passion for creating delicious dishes.

6: What is your favourite writing soundtrack/song?

Much as I love listening to music, I can only write in relative silence. I know many writers who have a preferred soundtrack when working, but it distracts me too much.

I hope you got a better sight on, who Audrey is as a person, we certainly gained a good view of her as an author reading her book. She seems like a lively person, who has done a lot of things in her life. Perhaps her next book will be as entertaining, and hilarious as this one. Time will certainly tell, we at Books Of All Shades, look forward to reading more of her work!

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