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Today’s Special Author; Sara Francis.

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She seems like a beautiful and talented young girl, with a bright mind for planning, executing her projects in style, I have only followed her for a short time, but she seem to do brilliant work. I have ordered her book called; Stardust, and I can’t wait to dive into what her mind will offer.

Here’s a little peak at her books;



THE ISLES is the first book in THE TERRA TESTIMONIES TRILOGY Short description: A Bionic, a Mutant, and a Geek are forced by their Keepers to team up and prepare to take back the ruined world. Throughout their training, these teens are led to believe that not everything is as it seems.


THE MAINLAND is the prequel to THE ISLES and part of THE TERRA TESTIMONIES trilogy. Short description: A runaway, a princess, and a thief have been separated at birth in a world that’s falling apart. Their entire lives have been an attempt to escape abduction while trying to survive and prevent the terror, chaos, and destruction happening around them… most of which they are responsible. (THE MAINLAND is scheduled to be released this fall! Pre-order is now available! Contact for more details.)


STARDUST is a collection of poetry and ADVENTURES OF WOBOT is a series of children’s books. (In this interview, I talk mostly of THE ISLES)

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Social Media:
IG: @sarafrancis_author
TWITTER: @sfrancis_author
FB: @sarafrancisauthor


The Q&A’s:

1: What inspired you to start your story/stories?
I’ve been a storyteller ever since I was little, but I didn’t always tell them through written words. I usually told them through music and art. It wasn’t until I had a story-based school assignment that I developed a passion for writing. Not too long after, my friend and I would collaborate on short stories. There was one concept I really liked but we never finished the story, so I told her I would finish it. From there, my first book THE ISLES (Book 1 of THE TERRA TESTIMONIES) was born.

2: How did you choose your name for your book/books?
For my trilogy, each title has to do with the names of locations on the earth. The first is THE ISLES, the second THE MAINLAND, and the third THE UNDERGROUND. That is why the trilogy is called THE TERRA TESTIMONIES. Terra meaning Earth and testimonies because they are first person narratives. My other book titles are pretty self explanatory. ADVENTURES OF WOBOT is about my robot Wobot that goes on adventures and STARDUST is the name of the main poem of the collection.

3: How did you create your Main Character.
I have three main characters for my first book, THE ISLES. Sami was actually an original character from our short story. She is the only OC to make the cut. Her appearance, name, and personality are based off my friend who inspired the story. Alison was a byproduct of the OC I had made within that short story. I needed a strong, caring protagonist who faintly knew the past and was skeptical of the future. And finally, I wanted a character who was intelligent in his innocence. A problem solver but a follower. And so, Aaron of Isle III was born. Fun fact about Aaron is his appearance was inspired by Lewis from Meet the Robinsons.

4: Which genre is your book, and why did you pick that?
THE TERRA TESTIMONIES trilogy is Science Fiction and Utopian/Dystopian. I grew up on Sci Fi. My grandfather is a classic Sci Fi fanatic and we always watched the old movies with him. All the technology and amazing ideas about the future always intrigued me. Personally, I’d always wondered what the future would be like. So, I put my ponderings on paper and shared them with the world.

5: Do you feel sad or excited about tormenting your characters?
Not gonna lie, I cried writing the last chapter of my first book. While I love torturing my characters, I also get mini-depressed when I have to let them go.

6: Five tips you would give to growing writers, about ‘Senses’?
Sometimes, I know we forget that our characters have all the same senses that we do. Describing using all of them from time to time can bring the book to life. Here are five tips I would give about using the senses.

  1. Go out and sense it. —- Whatever you’re trying to write about, go out and get the feel for it yourself! (As long as it is within legal and moral boundaries). For example: Want to know how to describe nature? Go out and smell it, hear it, see it. Experience is the greatest inspiration.
  2. Research. —  Not sure what something looks like? Sounds like? Google it! The internet is a great resource to give you instant answers when in a pinch.
  3. Read! —–  Check out how other authors describe their scenes using their senses. They can help point you in the right direction as to how you want to deliver your message.
  4. Ask around. ——-    If you can’t figure out how to describe that smell and google isn’t helping, ask your friends! Asking real people who experience things like you is the best way to fill in any holes you have in describing something.
  5. Use stronger words. —–     What I mean by this is don’t write something like, “The alleyway smelled.” Yes, that’s using your senses, but it isn’t being very descriptive. Was it good? Was it bad? An example of a stronger word would be, “The alleyway had a putrid stench.”

7: What do you do in case of Writer’s Block?
Cry until my sorrows have consumed me… I’m just kidding. Writer’s block can actually be good sometimes because once it’s over, your inspiration surges through you like waves in a mighty storm. What I usually do is take a quick walk, do some stretches, eat, then eat again, or sit in silence for a few moments. Once my little routine is done, I sit down get distracted by the internet for a moment and then force my fingers to make magic.

8: If you had to compare your book/books to a movie or a series, which would it be?
THE ISLES (and THE TERRA TESTIMONIES trilogy) has been said to be the perfect blend of THE HUNGER GAMES, DIVERGENT, and MAZE RUNNER.

9: Your best marketing tool?
Instagram and personal outreach. Instagram is a popular app for book lovers and authors everywhere and nothing works better than actually talking to your readers. They’re both also a great way to build community!

10: Give your readers some of your most exciting lines from your book.
Ooh that’s a hard one! I have so many that I’d love to share… the book can get very intense. So, here are three.

“If I learned anything from my eight years here it is this: never trust anyone.” – Alison: THE ISLES

“Face it. We were slaves to the devil.” – Cecil: THE ISLES

“Remember this: seek the truth. Once you find it, hold onto it. Fight for it.” – Mark: THE ISLES

11: What’s the meaning of your book title?
THE ISLES simply refers to the 6 islands the members live on.

12: Have you build a Dream Cast, if or when your book becomes a movie? Who’s the cast?
Ooohhhh. To be honest, I never thought too in depth about the characters from THE ISLES, but I DID think of some from book 2, THE MAINLAND… so I’ll give you a few of those instead (I’ll make sure not to include character spoilers 😉 ).
Shane – Dylan O’Brien
Aymie – Claire Foy
Mark – Logan Lerman
Blake Bain – Grant Gustin
Nicolas Eerkens – Chris Hemsworth
Stanley Wyght – Tommy Lee Jones

13: Favorite inspirational Author/Writer?

As a kid, I always loved Margaret Peterson Haddix. Her Utopian/Dystopian THE SHADOW CHILDREN was the first series I read in full and it inspired me so much.

14: Describe your novel/book with three simple words.

It’s all lies.

15: Signature line.

“Be inspired, not intimidated.” This is what I tell everyone. You may look at someone else’s work and feel insecure about your own because for some reason your brain says “you’re not good enough”. That’s a lie. You’re work is incredible and you should own it. You can of course look up to other people and be inspired by them, but don’t let their success intimidate you.

Honestly, I devoured her answers. I truly loved them. It came me a certain boost, to take a step back, and take a look at my own work with other eyes, seeing the beauty in everything we create.
Thank You, Sara for joining me today, does her books sound exciting, I sure am excited to explore them further.



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